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Crochet teddy bear

Adorable Little Amigurumi Teddy Bear – Free Crochet Pattern!

Here’s a little bear that’s cuter than cute! Yes indeed, this sleeping teddy bear is a winner! If you’re a fan of amigurumi crocheting here’s a new one to add to your collection or to give away as a gift. He’s
Crochet Coraline Doll

Crochet an Adorable Amigurumi Coraline Doll – Free Pattern!

Coraline has captured our hearts, and she makes for a lovely doll! Yes, she’s a classic. Whether you are a fan of the movie and/or the original Neil Gaiman novel, you know this character. You may have crocheted her before. Now
Amigurumi Crochet Puppy

Adorable Amigurumi Crochet Puppy – Free Pattern!

Here’s a crochet puppy that’s beyond adorable! If you’re a fan of amigurumi crochet and on the lookout for your next project, don’t pass this cute puppy by! He’s just waiting to become part of your collection. Or perhaps a wonderful
Crochet Ballerina Mouse

Crochet an Adorable Ballerina Mouse – Free Pattern!

Yes, this is one cute little ballerina! And yes, she just happens to be a mouse! If you’re looking for toys to crochet here’s one to add to your collection. This fantastic amigurumi pattern is by designer Julie Erskine of Heart
crochet humpback whale

Adorable Crochet Baby Humpback Whale – Free Pattern!

This little humpback whale is cuter than cute! Yes, we kid you not! This is a fabulous design and a very creative crochet project. It would make such a wonderful gift for a child. And if you’re a fan of crocheting
Amigurumi Cactus

This Cute Crochet Amigurumi Cactus Just Might Become Your Favorite Houseplant! Easy Video Tutorial

If you don’t have a green thumb here’s your solution! Better than artificial plants, and an ultra adorable decorator accent in your home! Just imagine keeping an amigurumi cactus at your desk, your coffee table or your nightstand, or anywhere close
Tiny Crochet Minion Tutorial

Crochet a Tiny Minion…It’s an Easy Project! [Video Tutorial]

Yes, this is a very small Minion! So small, in fact, that you can easily crochet it with scrap yarn. Measured, this amigurumi Minion is a mere 4-1/2 inches (9cm). This leaves many possibilities…from baby toys to pet toys to decorator
Amigurumi Crochet Bear

Adorable Amigurumi Bear in a Tutu – Free Crochet Pattern!

Truthfully she is beyond adorable! Yes, this is a darling of a little bear, and she’s all dressed up in the cutest little tutu imaginable! What fun it will be to crochet this little bear and share the pictures! This fabulous
Amigurumi unicorn gift card holder

Adorable Crochet Unicorn Gift Card Holder – Free Pattern!

A wonderful little keepsake unicorn! This is the perfect way to personalize a gift card. The card is safely nestled in a little pouch on the front. Long after the gift card itself has been spent, your recipient will have this
Crochet panda

Adorable Little Amigurumi Panda – Free Crochet Pattern!

This is one cute little panda! It’s a given, a crochet panda is going to be heartwarming and adorable. This little crochet panda girl fits the bill! She’s got her own little pink dress! In a word, irresistible! This wonderful free
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