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Crochet baby tutu dress

Adorable Tutu Dress for Babies – Free Crochet Pattern!

This is one cute little tutu dress! Looking for the perfect pattern to whip up a tutu for your young one or perhaps to give as a gift? This just might be the pattern for you! It’s beyond adorable. Just think
Crochet baby booties

Super Cute Mary Jane Style Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little baby booties are beyond adorable! If you’re looking for a fantastic and free pattern to crochet a pair of baby booties quickly, this just might fit the bill. With big bows and straps, these cute little Mary Jane style
crochet bag

Cute DIY Crochet Bag with Button – Free Pattern!

This is a stylish little crochet bag! It’s fun to crochet little bags and purses. They’re wonderful additions to your wardrobe and they’re something you can whip up quickly. Suddenly got a new outfit and nothing to match it? Here’s one
crochet sunflower and daisy granny square

Crochet Beautiful Sunflower and Daisy Granny Squares – Free Patterns!

Two beautiful flowers, and both are stunning as granny squares! Here’s a fantastic variation on the granny square theme, in two of our most popular flowers. And they go together quite nicely! Just imagine an afghan with the one or the
crochet coin purse

Stylish Crochet Coin Purse – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous little purse! You’ll have a blast making this one for yourself, or to give as a gift. It’s a fun project for the weekend or a single evening. If you sell your crafts, this is a perfect
Crochet Mason Jar Cozy

Fantastic DIY Crochet Mason Jar Cozy – Free Pattern!

You’ll find many new uses for the Mason jar thanks to this fabulous cozy! The Mason jar is iconic, and it’s great for storage all over your house. Whether you want a container to hold your pens and pencils or a

Crochet a Basket out of a Clothesline! Easy DIY Tutorial Video

Yes, you can make a sturdy and beautiful basket quickly and easily! From the looks of this basket, you’d never ever imagine it was crocheted from…s clothesline! Yes, the simple ordinary clothesline you can get so cheaply from your local discount
Crochet halloween costumes

25 Amazing Free Crochet Costume Patterns for Halloween!

Costume time is upon us! Whether for Halloween or for fun, a crochet costume is always in seasons. And if you’re planning ahead, you can never start too soon! One creative project may lead to another and another, and soon, you’ll
Crochet Slip on Shoes

Turn Flip Flops into Fabulous Crochet Shoes – Free Pattern!

From flip flops to fashionable slip-on crochet shoes! Yes, that run-of-the-mill pair of flip flops will find a new life thanks to this awesome DIY tutorial! Just think of how much you might pay for a comparable pair of these shoes
Crochet Granny Square

Beautiful Crochet Butterfly Granny Square – Free Pattern!

This gorgeous granny square is perfect for so many projects! From the traditional afghans, shawls, ponchos and blankets to tote bags, purses, wall hangings and much more! The possibilities are endless. You’ll be inspired by this beautiful design that uses a
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