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Bear and Cat Lovey Crochet

Super Adorable Crochet Bear and Cat Loveys – Free Pattern!

So cute, so comforting for a baby! Yes, these mini-loveys would be a wonderful handmade gifts, and quite possibly future heirlooms. The rainbow colors are beautiful and the tiny bear and cat in the midst of a soft and cozy granny
Crochet Bear and Kitten

Adorable Little Bear and Kitten! Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern!

This is one cute little duo! What can we say? Teddy bears are adorable and so are kittens, and when they’re the best of friends, you know that cuteness abounds! You’ll want to add this pair to your collection or give
Crochet Shark Slippers

Crochet Shark Slippers for Children – Free Pattern!

Such a creative design! Visually clever and completely functional! Who knew sharks could make such wonderful slippers?! This fantastic free pattern is by designer Charli of Crafty Charli. These fabulous slippers are sized for a five-year-old child. You’ll find a written
Crochet Minions Beanie

Crochet a Minions Beanie with this FREE Video Tutorial!

Yes, Crochet Your Own Minion Beanie It’s the most popular crochet Minion tutorial on YouTube with over a million views! It just goes to show that even before they got their own movie, the Minions captured our hearts thanks to ‘Despicable
Crochet Christnas Gift Card Holder

Beautiful Crochet Christmas Gift Card Holder – Free Pattern!

Make that gift card even more special! It’s never too early to get a jumpstart on Christmas holiday crocheting! Whether it’s the beginning of the season proper or you’re celebrating Christmas in July, these are some fantastic gift card holders! Best
Crochet Baby Blanket

Easy Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial!

This adorable baby blanket is just a few crochet stitches away! Wonderful blanket, and easy to make; there’s a step-by-step tutorial below. It’s got a simple pattern that’s easy to master even for a beginner. Best of all the pattern is
Crochet Baby Blanket

Vintage Style Crochet Baby Blanket: Super Easy and Perfect for Beginners! [Video Tutorial]

Vintage Is All the Rage these Days…And You Can Recreate it! It’s wonderfully easy. It’s great for beginners or for mindless/multitasking crocheting if you’re experienced! There’s a video tutorial below that you can follow every stitch of the way and you’ll
Crochet Christmas Elf Hat Free Pattern

Adorable Crochet Christmas Elf Hat for Babies – Free Pattern!

Beyond adorable! Just think of the wonderful photos that you’ll treasure forever! Perfect for gift giving, too! This is a fabulous design! It’s the “Pixie Elf Striped Newborn Hat” and it’s from Andrea’s Notebook. While it is sized for newborns, there
Crochet Amigurumi Yorkie

Crochet an Adorable Amigurumi Yorkie – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

An absolutely irresistible little pet you can crochet today! This is amigurumi at its finest, bringing to life a lovable little creature to treasure! This amazing amigurumi pattern was originally in Japanese and not only did Pam G of Crochet Parfait
Crochet Christmas Hat

Adorable Crochet Christmas Hat for Babies – Free Pattern!

It’s perfect as a gift and wonderful for the season! Yes, it’s time to kick off the Christmas in July season. Yuletide is so wonderful we must celebrate it twice! This absolutely adorable Santa Claus-style crochet hat for babies is so
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