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Crochet Red White Blue Wine Bottle Cozy

[FREE Pattern] Celebrate with this Red, White and Blue Crochet Wine Bottle Cozy!

If you’re looking for the perfect patriotic crochet wine bottle cozy you just found it! Put your love of country on full display with this beautiful and creative cozy that evokes the Star Spangled Banner. It’s perfect for summer parties and
Crochet Patriotic Can and Bottle Cozy Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] These Star Spangled Crochet Bottle and Coffee Cup Cozies Are Fun & Easy Projects!

It’s the Stars and Stripes Forever with these wonderful cozies! Yes, your handmade red, white and blue crochet cozies will be the hit of the party! And so fast and so easy to make, which is perfect if you’re in a
Crochet Patriotic Bunting Free Pattern

[Free Pattern] Fabulous Crochet Patriotic Bunting — Fast & Easy & Perfect for 4th of July Festivities!

You can crochet this wonderful bunting that evokes the Stars and Stripes! Blazon with the red, white and blue of the American Flag makes for an awesome work of decorative crochet. Of course you don’t have to wait for the 4th
Crochet Sun Hat Easy Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Crochet Sun Hat Is Stylish and Easy!

Crochet your own sun hat today! This is a gorgeous sun hat that’s an achievable project for most crocheters. The styling is perfect and of course the hat itself is so pragmatic with it wide brim that will do its duty
Crochet Table Mat Free Pattern

Crochet Your Own Table Mats with this Fantastic and FREE Pattern!

This is the perfect DIY project for the summer! Or anytime you want the handmade, handcrafted element for your table. These wonderful place mats make great gifts, too! They are beautiful, lacy and yet still an achievable project for the beginning
Crochet Daisies Easy Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] These Crochet Daises Are Beautiful, Easy & Versatile!

You’ll have daisies everywhere in no time! Whether for appliques or to string together as a garland or to decorate your t-shirts, tote bags or adorn your hair, these crochet daisies are perfect! Flowers are a great summer project as they
Crochet Boho Style Beaded Bracelet

[FREE Pattern] Fabulous & Super Easy Crochet Boho Style Beaded Bracelet!

Express your creativity and make beautiful bracelets! If you are a fan of hand-crafted crochet jewelry, this is the pattern for you! These gorgeous beaded bracelets are what you’ll find in boutiques and you can make them easily yourself. Make them
Crochet Summer Shoes Free Pattern

Turn Flip Flops into Chic Crochet Summer Shoes! – [FREE Pattern + Tutorial]

Who would have imagined these stylish shoes were once mere flip flops! Here’s a fun and exciting DIY crocheting project that will give you much satisfaction and a fabulous new pair of slip-on shoes. This is an achievable project thanks to
Crochet Sunflower free pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Beautiful Crochet Sunflower Is Super Easy & Versatile!

Add the beauty of crochet sunflowers to your projects! If you are a fan of sunflowers, this pattern is perfect for you. It’s super quick and is so versatile. You can use these wonderful crochet sunflowers as appliques for decorating your
Crochet T-Shirt Yarn Tote Bag free pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Stylish Crochet Tote Bag Is Made with T-Shirt Yarn and Fast & Easy!

Not only is this a fabulous tote, but you’ll have it finished in no time! Who says super easy can’t also be fashionable?! This tote bag is perfect for the spring and summer, and best of all, it’s your own handmade
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