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Crochet Wrist Warmers

Stylish Crochet Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern!

They’re absolutely gorgeous! If you’re a fan of crochet wrist warmers you’ll want to make these immediately! They’re elegant and classic and yet perfect for everyday. The colors are just wonderful if you use the suggested yarn, which is the very
crochet flamingo baby booties

Unbelievably Cute Flamingo Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern + Video Tutorial!

Creative and utterly adorable! And if you’re a fan of flamingos you’ll adore these little baby booties all the more! They are just fabulous and unique, that’s all! In your wildest imagination you probably never thought of pink flamingos as the
Crochet Autumn Granny Square

Beautiful Crochet Granny Square with Autumn Colors – Free Pattern!

The colors are absolutely gorgeous! It’s hard to overstate how lovely this granny square really is. With a wonderful blend of textured stitches and a color scheme that evokes the autumn leaves, this granny square is perfect for so many projects.
Crochet Super Scarf

Stylish Crochet Super Scarf – Free Pattern!

This is a fashionable scarf you’ll want to add to your wardrobe! Yes, it’s a super scarf and it’s gorgeous. Scarves make wonderful gifts, too. And if you’re going to crochet a scarf to give away, why not crochet a mega
crochet slouch hat

Fabulous Crochet Slouch Hat for Newborn Babies to Grownups – Free Pattern!

With this versatile pattern no one gets left out! Yes, indeed, this design is a winner. It’s great for gift giving, too. And if you sell your crafts for profit, just think of what a lovely display this will make; all
vintage style crochet arm warmers

Fantastic Vintage-Style Crochet Arm Warmers – Free Pattern!

The retro-style is exquisite! Yes, they’re just gorgeous! If you have a fondness for the vintage-style gloves of days gone by, with their delicate detailing and side buttons, you’ll really appreciate this wonderful design that evokes the past while giving you
Striped Crochet Blanket

This Multi-Color Crochet Blanket Is Stunningly Beautiful and the Pattern Is FREE!

Yes, this blanket is a work of fiber art! If you’ve spent any time on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram gazing at colorful blankets and searching for the pattern and not being able to find it, well, there’s great news for you
Crochet Striped Mitts

Colorful Striped Crochet Fingerless Mitts – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

They’re so stylish and colorful! You’d be tempted to wear these wonderful and cozy mitts year-round, they’re so beautiful. Yes, for chilly weather and for times when you must have your fingers free (perhaps for some crocheting?) these are a perfect
Crochet Treble Triple Stitch Tutorial

Learn the Treble Crochet Stitch (a.k.a. Triple Crochet) with this Easy Photo Tutorial!

It’s a fabulous and versatile crochet stitch you can learn today!! In patterns it is abbreviated as “tr” and it’s very easy to learn. This wonderful stitch works up quickly and has a light, airy texture that lends itself readily to
crochet boho pom hat

Stylish Crochet Boho Pom Hat – Free Pattern + Video Tutorial!

This is a gorgeous crochet hat! Yes, this one is eye catching! You’ll have fun crocheting this hat and even more so wearing it on those chilly days and nights. Who says hats have to be dull and bland, after all.
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