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Crochet Heart Sachet

Beautiful Heart Sachet – Free Crochet Pattern!

Sweet, simple and gorgeous! Hearts are perfect all year round, and at Valentine’s Day, most especially. If you’ve been searching for an easy and quick heart sachet pattern, you’ve just found it! This fantastic free pattern is an original by crochet
Crochet Valentine's Day Hearts

Crochet Valentine’s Day Hearts – Free Pattern!

So festive and beautiful! With this wonderful pattern and design you’ll have crochet hearts in no time! So beautiful and versatile. And it’s not just for Valentine’s Day but any time you want to add some decorative hearts to your world!
Granny Square with Heart

Beautiful Crochet Granny Square with a Heart – FREE Pattern!

Just perfect for Valentine’s Day…or any day! This granny square with a red heart in the center is an elegant and beautiful design and it’s easy to crochet! It makes for a wonderful addition to your Valentine’s Day themed decorating and
Crochet Gloves and Mittens

Crochet Mittens and Gloves – A Roundup of Free Patterns!

A wonderful assortment of crochet gloves and mittens! Yes, it’s that time of year and mittens and gloves are welcome friends for the hands and fingers! Not only do these crochet accessories serve a very practical purpose, they’re also a springboard
Crochet Valentine Day Teddy Bear

Adorable Crochet Valentine Teddy Bear – Free Pattern!

Truthfully these little teddy bears are beyond adorable! With heart-shaped red paws, who could resist?! They’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, and year round, too! They reflect the spirit and the excitement of that very special day in February. Yes, Teddy bears
Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bags: Huge Roundup of 15+ Free Patterns and a Video Tutorial!

Granny squares are a classic and perfect for purses and bags! Yes, the design lends itself perfectly to clutches, totes, and the like. It’s a great way to express your creativity or perhaps to make some inroads into your yarn stash.
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