Adorable Crochet Penguin Applique – Free Pattern!

This little penguin is beyond adorable!

If you’re a fan of penguin-themed crochet projects, you’ll definitely want to add this one to your list. This is a fast and simple and very cute little penguin appliqué. It’s got so many uses, too! Use it to decorate clothing and accessories for children or even for yourself. These appliqués would make a fabulous handmade gift, too, or as a handmade accent on a sweater or a scarf.

This is a wonderful pattern and it’s free! It’s by designer Sarah Zimmerman of Repeat Crafter Me. This little penguin appliqué is but one in an alphabet series and when you visit her blog, you’ll be able to get a link to all the other free patterns, too!

Click here to get the free pattern at Repeat Crafter Me

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As always, happy crocheting!

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