Awesome DIY Crochet Cat Beds – Free Patterns!

Yes, your kitty will thank you immensely by promptly falling asleep!

Yes, these are beyond cozy. It almost makes you want to be a cat for a day…ah, what a life! Sleep all day, get free food and water. For a kitty every day is Caturday!

It’s no surprise that cat beds are such a popular crochet project these days. With the high costs, the DIY approach offers not just a chance to save money, but to express creativity. And not to mention, the irresistible opportunity to share the pictures on Facebook and Instagram of your kitty in the super cool cat bed. They also make excellent gifts for the cat lovers among your family and friends!

Click here to get the free pattern at Petals to Picots

Scroll down, as there’s more!

Crochet Cat Bed

This wonderful free pattern, the “Tabby Chic Cat Bed” is by designer Rebecca of Little Monkeys Crochet. You can see many more adorable pictures get started today!

Click here to get the free pattern at Little Monkeys Crochet

And as a bonus, we found a fantastic video tutorial!

If you’ve searched for crochet cat bed tutorial videos, then you know they are few and far between. This crochet cat house tutorial is by far the best and the most popular. Check it out below!

And, as always, happy crocheting!

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