Beautiful DIY Crochet Bangles – Free Pattern!

Crochet yourself some fabulous bracelets today!

You’ll want to make lots of these for yourself, and for gifts, too! These crochet bangle bracelets are so pretty and so easy to make. They’re also great as stash busters, too, as you can use any type or weight of yarn! Just think, those odds and ends of yarn can be transformed into something so lovely and so practical.

Don’t have a color assortment? No problem! Check out these fabulous multi-color packs (pictured above) — which you can buy at — that are perfect for this project.

Yes, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of the DIY route when it comes to jewelry, as you’re not only saving money but you’re creating something that’s one of a kind. And if you sell your crafts, these bangles just might become one of your trusted bestsellers!

This wonderful free pattern is by designer Erangi Udeshika of Crochet For You. You’ll find the complete written pattern that will have you crocheting an armful of these spectacular bangles in no time.

Click here to get the free pattern at Crochet For You

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As always, happy crocheting!

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