Beautiful Celtic Crochet Blanket – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous blanket with classic Celtic motifs!

Yes, this is truly a stunning work of fiber art that you can take pride in completing. If you’re a fan of the intricate cables, interlace, knots and overlays of the Celtic design tradition, this project is for you. You may have gazed at pictures of such blankets on Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest and were in search of a pattern.

Well, the great new is your search is over! This pattern is a winner, and it’s also free! It’s the “Celtic Tiles Blanket” by designer Tatsiana of LillaBjörnCrochet. Visit her popular blog where you will find the complete written pattern along with a very helpful photo tutorial.

There’s also a video tutorial scroll — towards the bottom of the page to find it. And not least, you’ll also find her recommendations for yarns and other supplies — and importantly, exactly where the find them — to complete this wonderful project!

Click here to get free pattern at LillaBjörnCrochet

And for even more free patterns and tutorials for all kinds of blanket and afghan projects, check out some of our favorites here at Crochet Maze that we’ve featured in the past. The links are below! Happy crocheting!

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