Colorful Patchwork-Style Crochet Cushion – Free Pattern!

So pretty you’ll want to make several!

It’s a gorgeous pillow and it’s also meant as a stash buster. Yes, this is a creative and fun way to use up that leftover yarn.

This wonderful free pattern is from the folks at Stitch Craft Create. It’s a single motif worked in the color sequence — which, of course, you could make your very own, depending on the yarn you want to use and/or get rid of. There’s also a diagram and detailed instructions which will assure your success. It’s cozy and will look wonderful in your home or, as a gift!

Click here to get the free pattern at Stitch Craft Create

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Happy crocheting!

Image source: Free Thrifty Cushion Crochet Pattern / Stitch Craft Create

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