Crochet a Sweet, Cuddly Minon Lovey…Free Pattern!

Yes, this Minion can be a great comfort to a young one!

This wonderful lovey is ideal; so cute and so cuddly. With the popularity of the Minions knowing no end — and thank goodness for that — it’s great to see that so many pattern designers are giving us all these fantastic possibilities.

You’ll want to add this Minion Mini Smug Blanket by Myshelle Cole one to your collection. And, just think of what a great gift it would make.

Click here to get the free pattern at Mamma That Makes

You’ll find the complete pattern, and many more photos that will melt your heart. Yes, that’s where cuteness abounds!

For more even more free patterns for adorable lovey blankets, be sure to check out:

Happy crocheting!

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