Crochet a Unicorn, a Giraffe and a Sheep; an Adorable Trio! Free Patterns

These irresistible little animals will brighten your life!

They are heart-melting cute and would make fantastic gifts, that is if you can bear to part with them!

Now if we’re crocheting cute animals, our collection wouldn’t be complete without the elusive unicorn! And what you know but there’s one right here! The designer of this wonderful pattern is Dawn Toussaint.

Click here to get the free pattern at Ravelry

Now that we have a unicorn, we need a giraffe ….

crochet giraffe

…and here’s a beautiful striped giraffe!

Click here to get the free pattern at I Love Buttons By Emma


And here’s a sheep with much character and a name….

Crochet sheep

…Yes, Sheldon the Sheep and so adorable!

Click here to get the free pattern at Curly Girl Coop

And that’s our trio of very cute crochet animals! And for even more cute little crochet creatures, check out some of our other posts here at Crochet Maze:

Happy crocheting!

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    would love to get your free emails/patterns

    • Crochet Maze

      @christy; you can sign up for our email list — the signup form is on the left side of the page! Thanks for your interest! 🙂

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