Creative DIY Crochet Pumpkin Planter for Succulents – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

A lovely pumpkin and a fun crochet project!

When autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to turn color and we look forward to all the holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, there’s one sure bet, it’s also pumpkin season! Yes, pumpkins are everywhere and so are all kinds of pumpkin-themed products.

Now here’s yet another one, and it’s a winner. This little crochet pumpkin planter for succulents will brighten your surroundings or make a great gift for someone. It’s also a great choice as a project to make and sell for profit. And if you’re a beginner, no worries, as this is also an easy project, too!

The key here is the Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Pumpkin shade which you can buy at Amazon>. Why not put the pumpkin shade yarn to its ultimate use, as a crochet mini-pumpkin?!

This wonderful pattern and tutorial by designer ChiWei of One Dog Woof will show you how. It’s free, too! You’ll get all the details on crocheting and constructing — there’s a step-by-step photo tutorial that guide you to success!

Click here to get the free pattern at One Dog Woof

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As always, happy crocheting!

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