[FREE Patterns] Stylish Crochet Multicolor Scarf + Matching Hat Made with Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn!

A fabulous addition to your wardrobe!

This fashionable crochet scarf and hat combo fully utilizes the beautiful colors of Using Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn! It’s amazing how such variegated yarns make an already fashionable accessories truly showpieces. Yes, if you want that straight-from-the-runway designer effect, you’ll find it with these patterns. Scroll down to see the photo of the beautiful matching vintage-style cloche hat!

As you may know Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn comes in 20 different shades so that’s versatility at its best! There’s easy a color combo — or two or three or four or more! — that will appeal to you.

What an awesome gift this would make, too! And if you sell your crafts for profit — or custom make them to order — you just might have a winner here. Your displays at crafts fairs and/or online pics will be quite eye catching!

These wonderful patterns are free! They are the “Skylark Scarf” and the “Skylark Cloche Hat.” Both are original designs by crochet designer and blogger Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home. You’ll find complete written patterns along with links to her excellent tutorials in case any of the stitches are unfamiliar to you. She’s also got a Facebook group where you can raise any questions or concerns you might have!

Click here to get the free pattern for the Skylark Scarf

Click here to get the free pattern for the Skylark Cloche Hat

Crochet Hat Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

And while you’re here do check out some more free patterns for DIY accessories, including scarves and ponchos, hats and more that we’ve previously featured at Crochet Maze. Links are below!

As always, happy crocheting!

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