Crochet Your Own Water Bottle Holder – Free Pattern!

So practical and creative!

Of course we can buy a water bottle holder, but it just wouldn’t be the same as making your own! Not when the results are this lovely. It’s got purely practical uses and it’s also a way to express your creativity. No need to stick to the usual blankets, and afghan squares, after all!

It looks fabulous in red, white, pink and blue as pictured above but you can always be creative! It also makes for a great stash buster. You can be creative with your choice of colors. It’s also a fabulous gift!

This fantastic free pattern is by designer Erica of 5 Little Monsters. You’ll find a written pattern and lots of great photos!

Click here to get the free pattern at 5 Little Monsters

And if you’re a fan of DIY crochet projects, be sure to check out these favorites at Crochet Maze!

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