Adorable DIY Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath – Free Pattern!

This wonderful Halloween decoration is cuter than cute!

When it comes to getting your household ready for this fun holiday it’s always exciting to find new DIY projects that will enable you to express your creativity. If you’re on the lookout for such, you’ve just found it! This is a wonderful crocheted Halloween wreath that’s perfect for your door or to hang somewhere on the wall. Not only do you have a black cat — that’s easy to crochet, by the way — but a little black spider!

This creative and beautiful pattern is free! It’s by designer Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. You’ll have a blast with this one, as she gives you everything you need to crochet the cat, the spider, and the wreath. You’ll also get all the details on what kind of crafting supplies you’ll need to construct this wreath and quickly have something you’ll treasure year after year.

Click here to get the free pattern at Repeat Crafter Me

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