Fabulous DIY Crochet Hemp Basket – Free Pattern!

Yes, this is a wonderful DIY basket you can crochet today!

This project is perfect if you’re a fan of the DIY approach, and you enjoy the opportunity to crocheting with something other than yarn to get a completely different effect. Yes, once we depart from traditional threads and yarns, crocheting techniques lend themselves to so many creative and expressive projects. Ditto combining yarn with other materials.

Take these baskets for instance. Look how easily you’ll be able crochet these yourself instead of buying them. You’ll save piles of money! And if you sell your crafts, this basket could be your next winner!

Yes, this is a wonderful pattern and it’s free! It’s by designer Joanna L. of Craft Passion. You’ll find a detailed written pattern and many photos that will guide you to success from start to finish!

Click here to get the free pattern at Craft Passion

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