Super Easy DIY Crochet Zpagetti Yarn Baskets! – [Free Pattern]

Yes, this is a fabulous and fun project made with super bulky fabric yarn!

These baskets are so versatile and they’ll look wonderful in your home. They’re also a great gift, too! You may have seen pictures of these baskets or similar here and there on Pinterest or on Instagram and wondered whether you yourself could makes these.

Well the good news is there’s a simple and straightforward pattern that’s perfect for crocheters of all skill levels, even beginners. Not only that, but it’s a free pattern! It’s by designer Cintia of My Poppet Makes. You’ll get not only a written pattern but also a video tutorial and a photo tutorial that will guide you to success.

Click here to get the free pattern at My Poppet Makes

Now as for buying the yarn, you have options! Here’s what we’ve uncovered:

For instance, you can click here to buy Lion Brand Fettuccini Zpagetti Yarn at Amazon (paid link). It’s pictured above and is tailor made for this project.

The yarn is genuinely made of repurposed textiles and is a one-of-a kind. As the company explains, they can’t give you a requested color; you’ll be purchasing a random color. That’s what’s led to somewhat less than stellar reviews at (paid link).

Yes, this might very well be the deal breaker for you, understandably. After all you want a blue basket not a taxi yellow basket, let’s say!

But all is not lost. You can get a close approximate; it’s Interway Trading’s version of Zpagetti (pictured above) for sale at Amazon (paid link). It’s available in many beautiful colors that you yourself can pick. How cool is that?!

And not least, you can make your own T-shirt or fabric yarn (check out a great tutorial here).

Looking for more even more free patterns and tutorials for all kinds of DIY crochet projects, including baskets and other home furnishings? Be sure to check out our favorites that we’ve previously featured at Crochet Maze. The links are below!

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