[Free Pattern] Super Easy Knit-Like Crochet Beanie Hat for Men and Women — Perfect for Beginners!

Yes, even if you’re new to crochet you can make this hat!

It’s a simple stitch, the waistcoat stitch (a.k.a. center single crochet stitch), that gives this double-brimmed beanie with pom pom its knit-like texture. You almost won’t believe this hat was crocheted not knitted. That fabulous stitch is a variation on the single crochet and it’s easy!

And not least, the pattern calls for Lion Brand’s popular bulky (5) Lion’s Pride Woolspun Yarn and so it works up quickly. You’ll have a hat in no time, perfect to add to your wardrobe or to give away as a gift. For the experienced crocheter this hat is a breeze — you could fill out your gift list in a hurry and/or build up an inventory for crafts fairs and online sales.

And not least, it’s quite versatile, as it’s a pattern for both men and women and can be crocheted for any size. This saves you the math and the calculations you’d otherwise have to do on your own.

Yes, this awesome pattern is rewarding in so many ways and it’s free, too! It’s an original design by the innovative crochet designer and blogger Jess Coppom of Make & Do Crew. It uses some of the same techniques of a previous pattern for mittens — the Morning Mittens — you’ll find the link to that other free pattern, too!

Click here to get the free pattern at Make & Do Crew

You’ll find a complete written pattern along with photo tutorials for the waistcoat stitch and links to other tutorials that will walk you through very helpful, but easy to master techniques — including a creative DIY pom pom method — that will guide you to a successful completion. Plus, you’ll get the full rundown on the yarn and other supplies you’ll need.

And if you don’t want to buy pom poms or make them DIY style, you can save lots of time and get uniform results with a pom pom maker. You might want to try the inexpensive and top-rated Clover Large Pom Pom Maker which you can buy at Amazon.

And for even more fabulous and free patterns for a wide variety of crochet accessories be sure to check out some of our favorites that we’ve previously featured at Crochet Maze. Links are below!

As always, happy crocheting!

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