Fabulous Daisy Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

With this wonderful daisy granny square, projects are endless!

Daisies are fantastic in crochet, and this pattern by designer Jacqui of Bunny Mummy is especially lovely. This is perfect for beginners, as the instructions are easy to follow and there are many, many photos to guide you along.

Yes, this would make a gorgeous blanket or afghan. But how about a tote bag or a shawl? Or a lovey, with your favorite amigurumi character as a centerpiece. Yes so many possibilities.

Click here to get the free pattern at Bunny Mummy

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Want help in joining granny squares? A tutorial video is below!

This excellent tutorial will show you how to join granny squares. Many valuable tips and pointers for any kind of project with granny squares. Enjoy!

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