Fabulous Little Crochet Gift Bag – Free Pattern!

A very stunning and highly useful little crochet gift bag!

There are times that you’re giving a gift and you want to add that handmade touch. At times like these the run of the mill laminated gift bag just won’t do. Or perhaps it’s a gift with an awkward shape that just didn’t lend itself to the smoothness of wrapping paper.

And it’s great for the gift of food! Whether it’s chocolates or fruit, once the treats are gone, your recipient still has a beautiful bag to keep and cherish forever.

This is the solution! This wonderful free pattern is by designer Joanna of Goddess Crochet The written pattern will guide you to success from start to finish!

Click here to get the free pattern at Goddess Crochet

And if you’re a fan of crochet bags, baskets and other DIY projects, be sure to check out these favorites at Crochet Maze!

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