Fantastic Faux Knit Beanie for Babies to Adults – Free Crochet Pattern!

This is one super versatile pattern!

Yes, this is perfect for the whole family, not to mention nearly anyone on your gift list! This wonderful design has a knit-like texture, that’s very appealing. It’s easily achieved with a simple variation of the half double crochet.

And if you’ve ever searched for and found a pattern that was just perfect…except that it was a child-sized hat and you wanted to crochet it for a grown man or woman or vice versa. Well, that might involve some mathematical calculations to alter the pattern size which, depending on the pattern can get a bit complex.

No worries here as this pattern is sized quite literally for everyone; from preemies and newborn to toddlers and children to small-, medium-, and large-sizes for adults! All variations of the same pattern. As noted, these hats are great for gift giving. And if you sell your crochet works at crafts fairs or online, these hats in multiple sizes are potential bestsellers. There’s so much appeal and allure, after all, of dressing up family members, significant others and/or friends in the same attire.

Now you’ll be happy to know that this wonderful pattern is free! It’s the “Faux Knit Pinwheel Beanie” and it’s an original by designer Kinga of My Hobby Is Crochet. The pattern uses only basic stitches, plus the special stitch (half double crochet (hdc) in the third loop in front) that creates the “faux-knit” effect. And for that one she’s provided sone easy-to-follow photos and video tutorials that will guide you to success.

Click here to get the free patterns at My Hobby Is Crochet

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As always, happy crocheting!

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