Gorgeous Crochet Cowl Made with Chunky Yarn- Free Pattern!

This cowl is so stylish and so fast and easy to make!

Yes, straight from the runway without the high price tag! You’ll have the satisfaction that comes from your own handicraft and you will save so much money. And if you’re looking ahead to the gift giving season, this is a great one to make for a family member or a friend. It would be much appreciated! It’s also a fabulous selection if you make and sell your crafts for profit. Yes, all around, this is a winner! You’ll want to make several of these, no doubt.

It’s a free pattern, too! This is the “Big Dumb Cowl” and it’s an original by designer Regina Weiss of Morale Fiber. You’ll find a written pattern along with many photos to guide you to success! This one works up fastand you’ll have results very quickly.

Click here to get the free pattern at Morale Fiber

And if you’re looking for even more free patterns for stylish cowls and scarves and other DIY accessories, check out some of our previous posts here at Crochet Maze!

Happy crocheting!

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