This Granny Square Cat Is Beyond Adorable! – Free Crochet Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

Yes, this is a very cute kitty!

You won’t want to stop at just one! If you’re a fan of granny squares and fond of cats, this is the perfect pattern. Yes, it’s safe to say that iconic granny square finds a new home here, and as you can see the results are absolutely irresistible.

Such a little kitty cat would make a wonderful handmade gift whether for your young one or for someone else’s. It’s the kind of comforting little creature that babies and toddlers are often drawn to.

And if you like to make and collect one-of-a-kind crochet animals, do consider this one for your collection. And how about as an item to sell? This adorable kitty could become one of your bestsellers!

This is a wonderful pattern — and it’s free! It’s the “Granny Square Kitty Cat Softie” by designer Julie Harrison of Little Woollie Blog. She gives you a detailed two-part pattern and photo tutorial that will guide you to success from start to finish, including tips on assembling the adorable little kitty once all the pieces are crocheted. Do check it out and see what you think!

Click here for Part 1 of the photo tutorial at Little Woollie Blog

Click here for Part 2 of the photo tutorial at Little Woollie Blog

This pattern is truly a springboard for the imagination. Julie recommends that you use your favorite pattern for the granny square if you like. It’s ideal as a stash buster, too, as you transform those odds and ends of yarn into something quite lovely.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for color choices and variations, just check out some of the beautiful projects — more than 60! — that have been posted at Ravelry where’s become quite popular. You can see these inspiring pictures here.

And if you’re interested in check out some great free patterns for granny squares — some of which might be perfect for this little kitty cat, be sure to check out some of our favorites here at Crochet Maze that we’ve featured previously!

If you’re new at crocheting granny squares and you like learning via video, we’ve found a great beginners tutorial. It’s by Bella Coco and it’s currently one of the most popular on YouTube with more than a million views and you can see it below.

If you prefer written instructions and a photo tutorial, we recommend a wonderful tutorial at The Spruce (formerly Click here to see it.

As always, happy crocheting!

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