[FREE Pattern] This Easy & Beautiful Multicolor Crochet Beanie Hat Is Perfect for Beginners!

New to crochet? This beanie is a wonderful first project!

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a creative work of fiber arts and when you’re just starting out with crocheting, you may be eager to see the results of your efforts. Afghans and blankets take time of course but this gorgeous multicolor hat is something you can be wearing very soon, or giving away as a gift and getting started on your next one and next one. And not least, the variegated yarn takes care of the color changes for you!

It’s a breeze for the experienced crocheter, too, and perfect for filling out the guest list or filling up an inventory for crafts sales or onine sales.

All around a winner of a pattern! It’s free, too! It’s the “Lookin’ Lovely Beanie,” an original design by crochet designer and blogger Kathy Lashley of ELK Studio. You’ll find the written pattern along with the suggested yarns and other tips and pointers that are super helpful.

Click here to get the free pattern at ELK Studio

Plus you’ll be happy to discover there’s a matching cowl and it’s a free pattern, too! You’ll find the link and all else at Kathy’s blog.

And for even more fabulous and free patterns for a wide variety of crochet accessories be sure to check out some of our favorites that we’ve previously featured at Crochet Maze. Links are below!

As always, happy crocheting!

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