Stylish DIY Crochet Bag Made with Raffia Yarn – Free Pattern!

So fashionable and so elegant!

Yes, this bag is straight from the runway. It makes a wonderful addition to your wardrobe or a perfect gift for someone! It’s great for summertime, yes, but is versatile enough for all seasons depending on your color choice.

It’s just amazing what you can do with a crochet hook and the right texture of yarn. In this case, it’s raffia yarn that gives this bag its wonderful texture. It’s soft and yet durable.

You can readily find raffia yarn online, if it’s not in your favorite neighborhood shop. You can buy Premier Yarns Raffia at (paid link). You’ll find there is an excellent selection of this particular collection, including this lovely multi-color that we found and adore!

This fantastic free pattern is free! It’s by designer Tanya Eberhardt of Little Things Blogged. You’ll find the complete written pattern along with some guidelines on working with raffia yarn if that’s new to you.

Click here to get the free pattern at Little Things Blogged

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Happy crocheting!

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