Super Cute Owl Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern!

If you’re a fan of owls and granny squares you’ll love this pattern!

Yes, it’s two two crochet favorites — the adorable owl and the classic granny square. Put them together and you’ve got a winner!

There are so many uses for this granny square from baby blankets to tote bags and purses as well as the iconic afghan. It’s also a great pattern to make crochet bunting to decorate a child’s bedroom. It’s also perfect as a stash buster! It would even make a fabulous scrapghan!

This wonderful and free pattern is by designer Sarah of Repeat Crafter Me. You’ll get a written pattern and all the details you need to fill your surroundings with adorable little owl granny squares!

Click here to get the free pattern at Repeat Crafter Me

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Want help in joining granny squares? A tutorial video is below!

This excellent tutorial will show you how to join granny squares. Many valuable tips and pointers for any kind of project with granny squares. Enjoy!

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