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Crochet Wrist Warmers

Cozy Crochet Wrist Warmers – Free Pattern!

Yes, these wrist warmers are as gorgeous as they are warm! Whether for a gift or for yourself or a family member, these wonderful functional fashion accessories will brighten up those cool days and nights. You know how it is when
crochet beach bag

Fantastic DIY Crochet Beach Bag – Free Pattern!

This is a very stylish bag that’s easy to crochet! Yes, this is the iconic beach bag in ocean-inspired nautical stripes and you can crochet this for yourself or give it away as a gift! If you’ve been on the lookout
Crochet hexagon necklace

Fabulous and Easy DIY Crochet Hexagon Necklace – Free Pattern!

A beautiful necklace you can crochet today! Yes, not only is this a gorgeous necklace, it’s also easy to crochet. You can make one of these quickly. They’re a wonderful handmade gift, too! And not to mention a fabulous stash buster.
African Flower Crochet Christmas Stocking

Christmas in July! – Beautiful Crochet African Flower Christmas Stocking – Free Photo Tutorial!

This Christmas Stocking is a wonderful addition to your Yuletide decorations! If you’re a fan of crochet Christmas stockings and you’re on the lookout for an exciting and creative variation on an iconic theme, this one just might fit the bill!
Crochet Flower Hair Combs

Easy, Beautiful DIY Crochet Flower Hair Comb – Free Pattern!

Absolutely gorgeous! If you’re a fan of hair ornaments and you enjoy crocheting your own, be sure to add this pattern to your collection and start filling your world with these stunning crochet flower hair combs. You can quickly transform an
Crochet Smurf Glasses Holder

Adorable Little Brainy Smurf Glasses Holder – Free Crochet Pattern!

This cuter than cute little Smurf will help you keep track of your glasses! If you wear glasses you known how easy it is to misplace them and to have to spend time searching your dwelling to find them. Well, this
Crochet boho bag

Awesome DIY Crochet Boho Bag – Free Pattern!

A fabulous bag you can make today! If you like the 1970s boho style, you’ll love this bag! Seriously, it’s a winner. It’s beautifully constructed with granny squares and decorated with long fringe. There are two options for handles; leather (or
crochet key fob

Fast and Easy Crochet Key Fob – Free Pattern!

A fantastic and very useful project! Not only is this key fob a super easy and quick project, but it’s a fabulous stash buster. You can exercise your creativity with color combinations. It would even make a wonderful gift in and
Crochet Headband with Bow

Beautiful Crochet Headband with a Bow – Free Pattern!

An easy and fast crochet project! Not to mention the money you’ll save. Were you to buy a comparable headband online or at a store you’d spend plenty more. This wonderful headband uses very little yarn and it’s something you can
Crochet Market Tote bag

Fabulous and Easy DIY Crochet Market Tote Bag – Free Pattern!

A fantastic tote bag! It’s great for the supermarket and the farmers market and anytime you want to cut down on plastic and paper bags and do so with high style! It’s a winner. This wonderful tote bag is roomy and
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