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Crochet Peppermint Houndstooth Scarf Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Fabulous Crochet Peppermint Houndstooth Scarf Is an Easy Project!

The iconic red and white peppermint candy colors make for a gorgeous scarf! It’s got pom poms, too! And you won’t believe how easy this scarf is to crochet! Combining the traditional houndstooth motif with the vivid and familiar candy colors,
Knit-like Crochet Cowl Free Pattern

[Free Pattern] This Luxurious Knit-Like Crochet Cowl Is Super Easy & Perfect for Beginners!

Here’s a stylish crochet cowl you won’t believe wasn’t knitted! If you’re a fan of crochet accessories that have the beautiful texture of knitting you’ll love this pattern as you’ll complete it from start to finish with a crochet hook, not
Crochet Pom Pom Hat Free Pattern

[Free Pattern] Fabulous Multicolor Crochet Pom Pom Hat for all Sizes — Toddlers to Adults!

A stylish crochet hat for everyone! It’s rich with texture and color and that’s all thanks to the crochet puff stitch and the variegated yarn which make this hat a true winner. It’s got a faux fur pom pom to top
Crochet Super Scarf Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Crochet Super Scarf Is as Easy as It Is Elegant!

This is a gorgeous scarf rich with texture! It may be intricate in design, but it’s still an easy crochet project and that’s the beauty of it! You may have seen patterns before that were complicated and lengthy, and frankly even
Crochet Cabled Beanie Free Pattern

Fashionable Knit-Like Crochet Cabled Beanie Hat! – FREE Pattern + Video Tutorial!

You won’t believe the stylish beanie hat wasn’t knitted! This gorgeous crochet beanie is rich with the texture of crochet cables and it makes a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. It’s also great as a gift, too or as an item
Crochet Beanie Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Easy & Beautiful Multicolor Crochet Beanie Hat Is Perfect for Beginners!

New to crochet? This beanie is a wonderful first project! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of a creative work of fiber arts and when you’re just starting out with crocheting, you may be eager to see the results of your efforts.
Crochet Headband Easy Pattern

[Free Pattern] Crochet this Stylish Super Bulky Yarn Headband in an Hour! – Easy & Perfect for Beginners!

When you want a fashionable headband and you want it now, this is your go-to pattern! The key here is the super bulky yarn (6) and the simple stitches and techniques that crocheters of all skill levels will appreciate. If you’re
Crochet Mittens Easy Pattern

Cozy Crochet Mittens for Children & Adults! – Easy Free Pattern!

Yes, crochet mittens for all! Yes, indeed, thanks to this easy crochet pattern the whole family is suitably and fashionably covered. Keep those fingers and hands warm in the winter, that’s the objective, and don’t spend your entire weekend frazzled with
crochet knit-like beanie hat easy beginners free pattern

[Free Pattern] Super Easy Knit-Like Crochet Beanie Hat for Men and Women — Perfect for Beginners!

Yes, even if you’re new to crochet you can make this hat! It’s a simple stitch, the waistcoat stitch (a.k.a. center single crochet stitch), that gives this double-brimmed beanie with pom pom its knit-like texture. You almost won’t believe this hat
crochet color block cowl

[Free Pattern] This Beautiful Crochet Color Block Cowl Is an Easy Project!

A fashionable and luxurious crochet cowl! And yes, this is an easy pattern that’s suitable even for crochet newcomers. There’s nothing more satisfying than completing an elegant and chic crochet accessory that’s perfect for gift giving and/or for enhancing your own
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