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C2C Crochet Tutorial

Want to Learn C2C Crochet? – This Video and Photo Tutorial Is for You!

This is an awesome crocheting technique you can learn today! You may have seen those fabulous graphagans on Instagram, Pinterest and elsewhere that are made with the C2C crochet technique and thought to yourself, wow, it would be so cool to
Floral Afgan Square

Beautiful Afghan Square with a Flower – Free Crochet Pattern!

Such a gorgeous afghan square! It’s perfect for so many projects, from afghans to blankets to wall hangings, shawls, and more! There’s nothing like combining the classic afghan square with a flower for accent. It’s perfect as a stash buster, too!
Crochet Minion Afghan Square

Minion Afghan Square – Free Crochet Pattern!

A Minion and an afghan square = the perfect match! There are many Minion-inspired crochet projects and perhaps you’ve completed a few. But your collection is not complete without the “Kevin” Minion granny square! So adorable! Would make a fabulous afghan,
Floral Afghan

Beautiful Granny Square Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

If you’re looking for a colorful afghan to crochet you have found it! This is a stunner! Beautiful flowers in a variety of colors are the showcase of this bold and modern design. It’s the “Wildflower Afghan” by designer Rebecca of
Crochet Mexicana Afghan Pattern

Colorful Vintage Mexicana Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

A beautiful and festive afghan you will treasure! Yes, this is a vintage pattern,. It was out of print for many years. But now thankfully it’s been rescued and brought back to life online thanks to the efforts of Free Vintage
Crochet Charleston Garden Afghan

Vintage Charleston Garden Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

A classic afghan pattern that’s a true vintage treasure! This is a stunning afghan, and as they say everything old is new again. This amazing pattern, the Charleston Garden Afghan, was originally published in 1941 by American Thread Company and was
Vintage Heritage Afghan

Beautiful Vintage Heritage Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

A classic and gorgeous afghan! This is the Heritage Afghan, and it’s an iconic pattern that dates back many decades. In fact, this very pattern is one of the originals from back in the day, more than 50 years ago. Originally
Crochet Granny Square Scrapghan

Crochet Granny Square Scrapghan – Free Pattern!

Turn your scraps of yarn into a beautiful afghan! This is the ultimate stash buster. It’s fun and easy and, yes, it definitely qualifies as upcycling! We all know how those little bits of leftover yarn can pile up and take
Vintage Wild Berries Afghan

Beautiful Vintage Wild Berries Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

This vintage afghan is just gorgeous! This is the Wild Berries afghan and it’s a classic from decades ago. Lost, yes, and now found! This pattern was published originally way back in 1961 by Coats & Clark. We can thank Free
Vintage Crochet Windmill Afghan

Vintage Windmill Afghan – Free Crochet Pattern!

A bright and bold vintage afghan that’s easy to crochet! Yes, this is the real deal. A long lost pattern from many decades ago, rescued! Originally published in 1962 by Coats & Clark, and long out of print, and it’s back
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