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crochet baby blanket

Beautiful and Versatile Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern!

A fabulous blanket that would make a wonderful baby shower gift! If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful pattern for a baby blanket, this just might be the one for you. It’s got a beautiful striped pattern and color scheme
crochet frog baby booties

Adorable Crochet Frog Baby Booties – Free Pattern!

These little crochet frog baby booties are cuter than cute! You can’t go wrong with a winner like this! The pictures will be unbelievably adorable. Plus these little baby booties would make a wonderful gift. And if you like to sell
Crochet Christmas Elf Hat

Adorable Crochet Santa’s Helper Elf Hat for Christmas – Free Pattern!

This is an irresistibly cute little elf hat…with ears! Yes, it’s perfect for the Christmas holiday season! This wonderful Santa’s Helper hat will be a fabulous for your youngster or as a very thoughtful gift! It’s a Santa Claus style stocking
crochet sundress for toddlers

Adorable Crochet Sundress for Toddlers – Free Pattern!

This little sundress is beyond adorable! If you’re looking for a pattern to make a beautiful sundress for a little one or a thoughtful handmade gift this just might be the one for you. It’s light and delicate with a lacy
Crochet koala lovey

Adorable Crochet Koala Lovey – Free Pattern!

This little koala lovey blanket is beyond adorable! If you’re looking around for the perfect pattern to create an irresistibly cute little lovey blanket — perhaps for your own young one, or to give away as a baby shower gift —
Crochet baby booties

Adorable Mary Jane Style Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little crochet baby booties cute beyond words! If you’re on the lookout for a super cute pattern for baby booties, you’ve just found one! The Mary Jane shoe style on tiny feet will be simply irresistible! They would make a
crochet booties

Irresistibly Cute Crochet Baby Booties – Free Pattern!

These little crochet booties are beyond adorable! Picture perfect! This is a fabulous crochet project. It’s quick and easy and would make such a thoughtful gift. And if you like to sell your crafts this just might be your next bestseller!
Crochet Elf hat

Adorable Crochet Elf Hat for Newborn Babies – Free Christmas Crochet Pattern!

Just as cute as cute can be! Here’s an adorable little elf hat is sized for newborn babies. It’s easy to crochet and perfectly captures the Christmas holiday spirit! Whether it’s your young one or a gift to someone else, this
Crochet Lovey Blanket

Crochet Lovey Blankets: Owl, Kitten, Bunny, Teddy Bear and More – Free Pattern!

Such cute lovey blankets! Yes, loveys are a favorite project; great for gifts and for expressing creativity. It’s always exciting to see the many variations, and the many adorable cute animals that become the centerpiece for a comforting blanket for a
Crochet Owl Lovey Blanket

Super Cute Owl Lovey Blanket for Babies – Free Crochet Pattern!

Without question, this is one cute little owl lovey blanket! It’s a blending of both worlds, a granny square blanket, and a tiny and adorable owl by designer LolaIsHooked. It makes for a comforting and beautiful blanket. Think of what a
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