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Crochet a Basket out of a Clothesline! Easy DIY Tutorial Video

Yes, you can make a sturdy and beautiful basket quickly and easily! From the looks of this basket, you’d never ever imagine it was crocheted from…s clothesline! Yes, the simple ordinary clothesline you can get so cheaply from your local discount
Crochet baskets

Easy, Beautiful Crochet Baskets – Free Pattern!

These are wonderful DIY baskets! It’s always exciting to find a pattern that’s easy and fast, isn’t it? Well, this is one such pattern. You can crochet these fabulous baskets in no time! They work up very quickly. This marvelous free
Crochet baby blanket

Beautiful, Multi-Color Crochet Baby Blanket – Free Pattern!

This is a baby blanket to make and to treasure! Baby blankets are a popular crochet project and with good reason. Not only do they make wonderful gifts, but oftentimes these are relatively quick and to complete. This one fits the
Crochet Bowl

Fantastic Crochet Bowl Made with Jute – Free Pattern!

This is a fabulous DIY crochet bowl made with jute! Not only will you have a chance to express your creativity, but you’ll also save a great deal of money. If you’ve seen such baskets in upscale shops and Web sites
DIY Crochet Basket

Fabulous DIY Crochet Basket Made with Yarn and Coil – Free Pattern!

A beautiful crochet basket with rainbow colors This is a fantastic combination, as the coil adds strength to the basket as you crochet over the coil. You have the option of using cotton coil or T-shirt yarn or even rope with
Crochet rainbow basket

Beautiful DIY Crochet Rainbow Basket Made with T-Shirt Yarn – Free Pattern!

A fabulous DIY crochet basket! This is upcycling at its finest if you like to make your own T-shirt yarn. But these days it’s easy enough to purchase this versatile chunky yarn. It’s a great basket to have on hand for
Crochet baskets

Awesome DIY Crochet Nesting Baskets – Free Pattern!

Such fantastic crochet baskets! These days, we’re all looking for ways to save money and to be creative. There’s nothing better than combining the two! Such is the case with this fabulous crochet basket. You’ll want to make a whole set
Crochet Basket

Fabulous DIY Crochet Basket – Free Pattern!

A spectacular DIY basket! Just think of the money you’ll save, not to mention the chance to express your creativity. You pick the colors to suit your decor or to give as gifts! How awesome is that?! It’s the combination of
Crochet basket

Beautiful DIY Crochet Basket – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous basket! You can crochet this stunning basket and save so much money! Just think of how much it would cost to buy it! Not to mention, it would make a fabulous gift. It uses nine colors to
Crochet baskets

Fantastic DIY Crochet Baskets! – Free Pattern

Easy, beautiful and practical! There’s nothing like a handmade basket to enliven your surroundings. These wonderful rectangular crochet nesting baskets have so many possibilities. A designer accent, yes, but so practical, too! Not to mention they would make a great gift!
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