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Crochet bangles

Beautiful DIY Crochet Bangles – Free Pattern!

Crochet yourself some fabulous bracelets today! You’ll want to make lots of these for yourself, and for gifts, too! These crochet bangle bracelets are so pretty and so easy to make. They’re also great as stash busters, too, as you can
Crochet Bracelets

Crochet Beautiful Bracelets with T-Shirt Yarn – Free Pattern + Video Tutorial

Put those old T-shirts and scraps of fabric to a great new use! Bracelets are a wonderful DIY project, and all the more so when they enable you to repurpose and upcycle what otherwise is possibly just taking up space! This
Crochet Lace Bracelet

DIY Crochet Lace Bracelet – Free Pattern + Tutorial!

An elegant bracelet you can crochet today! This wonderful DIY crochet bracelet is by designer Ashlee Marie and it was inspired by the traditional silver cuff bracelets. It’s amazing how you can get the same design effect in a different medium.
Crochet Bracelets

Beautiful DIY Bracelets – Free Crochet Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

These bracelets are so much fun to make you’ll want to crochet them in all colors! Yes, there’s nothing like handmade jewelry to compliment your wardrobe or to give as a gift! These wonderful bangle-style bracelets would also make perfect stocking
Broomstick Crochet Bracelet

Elegant DIY Crochet Bracelets: FREE Patterns + Video Tutorial!

This is the perfect DIY project! We so often think of crocheting clothing, household items and even toys, but there are many other possibilities with crochet, and DIY jewelry is among them. It’s also perfect in the summer months, when it
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