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Broomstick Lace Crochet Scarf

Elegant Broomstick Lace Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

Broomstick lace is the secret behind this fashionable scarf! You’ll feel like you’re wearing a scarf that costs hundreds of dollars! But no, this is your very own handmade creation. Yes, a delicate, lacy and beautiful scarf that’s also perfect as
Crochet Broomstick Lace Scarf

Beautiful Broomstick Lace Scarf – Free Crochet Pattern!

Broomstick lace makes an elegant and fashionable scarf! Yes, without question, this is a beautiful scarf. It’s downright regal and stylish. Whether for yourself or as a gift, it’s a welcome addition to a wardrobe. This wonderful free pattern, the Broomstick
Broomstick Lace Crochet Shawl

Gorgeous Broomstick Lace Shawl Made with Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn – Free Crochet Pattern!

If you enjoy the elegance of broomstick lace and the beauty of variegated colors you’ll love this shawl! Yes, this is one stylish crochet shawl made with the ever popular Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn. The colors and the texture create the
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