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Crochet Granny Square Cat

This Granny Square Cat Is Beyond Adorable! – Free Crochet Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

Yes, this is a very cute kitty! You won’t want to stop at just one! If you’re a fan of granny squares and fond of cats, this is the perfect pattern. Yes, it’s safe to say that iconic granny square finds
Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath

Adorable DIY Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath – Free Pattern!

This wonderful Halloween decoration is cuter than cute! When it comes to getting your household ready for this fun holiday it’s always exciting to find new DIY projects that will enable you to express your creativity. If you’re on the lookout
Crochet Cats

Super Cute and Easy Crochet Cats – Free Pattern!

These little kitty cats are irresistibly cute! While they’re perfect all year round, you can crochet them in Halloween-themed colors to brighten up your home and get you ready for that popular holiday. Have you noticed how every year Halloween decorating
Crochet Cat Potholder

Adorable DIY Crochet Cat Potholder – Free Pattern!

Not only pragmatic but also irresistibly cute! If you are a cat lover, you’ll want to add this potholder to your collection of cat-themed crochet projects! It will look wonderful in your kitchen and put a smile on your face as
Crochet Cat Toys

Crocheting for Your Cat: Fantastic Roundup of Free Patterns!

If you don’t have a cat, you’ll want one when you see these crochet projects! When your cats aren’t playing with your yarn, you’ve got a chance to make something amazing for them. And just like babies, they lend themselves to
Crochet Cat Bed

Awesome DIY Crochet Cat Beds – Free Patterns!

Yes, your kitty will thank you immensely by promptly falling asleep! Yes, these are beyond cozy. It almost makes you want to be a cat for a day…ah, what a life! Sleep all day, get free food and water. For a
Crochet Bear and Kitten

Adorable Little Bear and Kitten! Free Amigurumi Crochet Pattern!

This is one cute little duo! What can we say? Teddy bears are adorable and so are kittens, and when they’re the best of friends, you know that cuteness abounds! You’ll want to add this pair to your collection or give
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