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Crochet Summer Shoes Free Pattern

Turn Flip Flops into Chic Crochet Summer Shoes! – [FREE Pattern + Tutorial]

Who would have imagined these stylish shoes were once mere flip flops! Here’s a fun and exciting DIY crocheting project that will give you much satisfaction and a fabulous new pair of slip-on shoes. This is an achievable project thanks to
Crochet tulips free pattern

[FREE Pattern] Beautiful DIY Wall Hanging with Crochet Tulips!

A work of fiber art you can be proud of! Yes, this lovely wall hanging makes a perfect gift, too. It’s great for Mother’s Day or a birthday or as a “just because” kind of gift. It’s a creative use of
Crochet Granny Square Earrings

[FREE Pattern] Fast, Easy & Fabulous Crochet Granny Square Earrings!

And they’re perfect as a last-minute gift! What can you do when your time is limited and you have a gift recipient? If they adore crochet earrings, this is your solution! These beautiful crochet granny square earrings are sure to please.
Crochet Easter Egg Basket Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Fabulous Crochet Easter Bunny Basket Is Fast and Easy!

Here’s a classic Easter egg basket in crochet! No need to buy a basket when you can quickly and easily crochet this fabulous handmade basket that will last for season after season! It’s a wonderful gift, too! The key here is
Crochet Shamrock Garland easy free pattern

[FREE Pattern] Fabulous Crochet Shamrock Garland for St. Patrick’s Day!

Brighten up your surroundings with this lovely garland! When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day we know it’s time to start crocheting the green! From four-leaf clover to shamrocks to leprechauns, it’s all things Irish for this wonderful and unique holiday.
crochet hearts free pattern

[FREE Patterns] Fast & Easy Crochet Hearts – Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

These crochet hearts are a fabulous last-minute Valentine’s Day project! Yes, they’re perfect for the holiday and for year round, too! If you’ve been on the lookout for a decorative heart-shaped crochet pattern you have found a winner. These little hearts
crochet rainbow washcloth free pattern

These Crochet Rainbow Washcloths Are Beautiful! – FREE Pattern & Photo Tutorial!

If you love the colors of the rainbow, these crochet washcloths are for you! Yes, the colors are gorgeous as is the texture. Washcloths are a perfect pick up and take anywhere project and if you’ve been on the lookout for
Crochet Heart Notebook Sweater Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] Crochet Notebook Sweater with a Heart — Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a creative project that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time! If you’re a fan of crochet cozies, sleeves, sweaters and other decorative covers for the various objects in your life you’ll like this project. Just as a coffee cup
crochet heart baskets free pattern

[FREE Pattern] Fabulous Crochet Heart-Shaped Baskets Made with T-Shirt Yarn!

This is a fun project for Valentine’s Day and year round! After all, we don’t need February 14th to bring out the heart! These little crochet baskets are easy to make and very practical too! You’ll come up with all kinds
crochet c2c valentine table runner free pattern

[FREE Pattern] Crochet C2C Valentine’s Day Table Runner with Hearts!

This table runner is perfect for your Valentine’s Day festivities! If you enjoy C2C crochet — or if you want to learn the technique — this is the perfect pattern for you! You can create a lasting and memorable handmade work
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