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crochet plaid slippers

Fabulous Crochet Plaid Slippers for Toddlers to Grownups! [Free Pattern]

No one gets left out with this fantastic pattern! How many times have you found the perfect crochet slippers pattern but it was sized for an adult and you wanted to make it for a young child? Or vice versa? You
Crochet Shell Stitch Tutorial_1

Learn the Crochet Shell Stitch Today with this Super Easy Video Tutorial!

You can learn this classic stitch today! Yes, this one is familiar and you many have seen it in a wide range of projects from afghans and blankets to such accessories as hats and scarves. The shell stitch — also known
Crochet Scrubby

Crochet this Super Easy Scrubby in 30 Minutes – Free Pattern!

A very speedy project when time is of the essence! Yes, this is a quick one and yet the results are so satisfying! These crochet scrubbies beautiful and textured and best of all, with their durable and thick texture they’ll help
crochet pumpkin succulent

Creative DIY Crochet Pumpkin Planter for Succulents – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

A lovely pumpkin and a fun crochet project! When autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to turn color and we look forward to all the holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, there’s one sure bet, it’s also pumpkin season!
Crochet Rainbow Tote

Fantastic DIY Crochet Rainbow Tote Bag – Free Pattern!

The colors are stunning! This is a beautiful tote bag to make and showcase your best crocheting efforts. Crochet bags of all kind continue to be popular, and this one is quite a gem as it’s easy to crochet and yet
crochet basket

Turn Macrame Cord into a Fantastic DIY Crochet Basket with Handles – Free Pattern!

This versatile basket is fun to make and use! Baskets and more baskets! Is there ever any such thing as too many baskets? Well, if you happen to think that’s just unimaginable you now have another fabulous crochet pattern to add
crochet crocodile stitch tutorial

Learn the Crochet Crocodile Stitch with These Easy Video Tutorials!

This stitch gives a wonderful texture to crochet projects! You may have seen this stitch in projects — it’s also known as the “scale” stitch. It’s great for edgings and decorative borders. You could also use this stitch to make boot
Crochet Pot Holder

Fantastic Crochet Potholder – Free Pattern!

Distinctive design and yet easy to crochet! And that’s the best of both worlds. This beautiful crochet potholder will be a standout in your kitchen, and it makes a great gift too for the expert cooks and chefs in your life.
Tunisian crochet washcloth

Beautiful Tunisian Crochet Washcloths – Free Pattern!

These washcloths are stunning and yet easy to make! If you’re been wanting to learn Tunisian crochet, this is your chance as this project uses the Tunisian Simple Stitch. You’ll find not only a wonderful and free pattern, but a link
Crochet Treble Triple Stitch Tutorial

Learn the Treble Crochet Stitch (a.k.a. Triple Crochet) with this Easy Photo Tutorial!

It’s a fabulous and versatile crochet stitch you can learn today!! In patterns it is abbreviated as “tr” and it’s very easy to learn. This wonderful stitch works up quickly and has a light, airy texture that lends itself readily to
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