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Amigurum Crochet bear and dog

Adorable Amigurumi Teddy Bear and Dog – Free Crochet Patterns!

Such a cute little pair! Here’s a must-have teddy bear and dog to add to your collection of irresistibly cute little amigurumi creatures! The pictures will be priceless. These wonderful creations — Tony bear and Toby dog, BFFs forever! — are
Crochet Amigurumi Yorkie

Crochet an Adorable Amigurumi Yorkie – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

An absolutely irresistible little pet you can crochet today! This is amigurumi at its finest, bringing to life a lovable little creature to treasure! This amazing amigurumi pattern was originally in Japanese and not only did Pam G of Crochet Parfait
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