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Crochet Flowers

Easy and Beautiful DIY Flowers – Free Crochet Pattern!

Such a fun and versatile little crochet flower! Flowers are fabulous any time of year, but especially in the warmer spring and summer months when we might not want to tackle a full-sized blanket or afghan. If you’re on the lookout
Crochet Flower

Gorgeous Crochet Pinwheel Flower – Free Pattern!

A beautiful and easy to crochet flower! You’ll very likely find plenty of uses for this lovely flower. It takes as its inspiration the classic pinwheel, and, as you will see it’s got plenty of volume and dimension. It would be
crochet swirl flower

Beautiful Crochet Swirl Flower – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous and versatile crochet flower! Flowers are a popular crochet project, as they have so many creative uses. You can use them to decorate your clothing, your home furnishing and even wear them in your hair! You can
Crochet flowers

Gorgeous Crochet Spiral Flower – Free Pattern!

A beautiful little crochet flower! Flowers are such a fun and easy crochet project. You get results quickly! These spiral flowers are so versatile for decorating. You can use them as hair ornaments or as appliques for T-shirts, blouses or sweaters.
Crochet daisy

Easy and Beautiful Crochet Daisy Applique – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous and easy to crochet flower! Daisies are so pretty in bouquets and out in the fields. They’re also fabulous as decorations for clothing and household goods. This wonderful crochet daisy will easily find a welcome home somewhere
Crochet rose

Beautiful Crochet Spring Rose – Free Pattern!

A fabulous crochet rose that’s as pretty as it is versatile! It’s also a fast and easy project and you will soon have roses blooming! You’ll find there are many uses for these beautiful crochet flowers. They make wonderful appliques for
crochet flower bouquet

Beautiful Crochet Flower Bouquet – Free Pattern and Photo Tutorial!

Such a lovely flower bouquet! Well, in a word, this is just gorgeous. We mean gorgeous! These beautiful flowers will never ever wilt! They will look fabulous in your home or as a gift for someone special. Best of all this
Crochet flowers

Easy, Beautiful Crochet Flowers – Free Pattern + Video Tutorial

Looking for a fast, easy crochet flower? You found it! They’re so versatile and so much fun to make! There are so many uses for crochet flowers, from decorating your clothing to ornaments for your hair. It’s endless! And they’re perfect
Crochet Rose

You’ll Love this Beautiful Crochet Rose – Free Pattern!

Such a gorgeous rose you can crochet today! There are days when we want a fun, quick and easy project. We want to see the results fast! Well, this beautiful crochet rose pattern delivers! You’ll find all kinds of exciting uses
crochet purse with flowrer

Gorgeous Crochet Purse with a Flower! – Free Pattern

A fabulous crochet purse decorated with a flower! It’s perfect for spring and summer — and, for that matter, why not bring some of the imagined warmth to wintertime! It’s a fun and easy project, and the results are just splendid!
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