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Crochet Granny Square

Beautiful Crochet Granny Square – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

This granny square is perfect for an afghan! If you’ve been on the lookout for another pattern for a granny square, you’ve just found one! This one is vibrant and eye catching with a flower-like center and a gorgeous background texture.
Crochet Autumn Granny Square

Beautiful Crochet Granny Square with Autumn Colors – Free Pattern!

The colors are absolutely gorgeous! It’s hard to overstate how lovely this granny square really is. With a wonderful blend of textured stitches and a color scheme that evokes the autumn leaves, this granny square is perfect for so many projects.
Crochet Dahlia Hexagon

Beautiful Crochet Dahlia Hexagon – Free Pattern!

This crochet hexagon is gorgeous! If you’re a fan of the crochet hexagon, this pattern is for you! It’s elegant and yet simple, and so versatile for all those fabulous projects such as afghans and blankets and shawls. It’s also great
Crochet Monster Granny Squares

Super Cute Monster Granny Squares – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little granny squares with monsters are truly adorable! No, these are not the scary monsters of nightmares; these are the cuddly cute variety! These squares are fabulous and so versatile, too! You could crochet an afghan or a blanket for
Crochet Chinese Puzzle Stitch Afghan Square

Learn the Crochet Chinese Puzzle Stitch and Make a Gorgeous Afghan Square! – Free Photo + Video Tutorial

You can master this textured stitch today and make beautiful afghan squares! This stitch is perfect for all kinds of large-scale projects from blankets and afghans to ponchos and shawls! Thanks to this wonderful video and photo tutorial you’ll not only
Crochet Granny Square Afghan

Fabulous Crochet Granny Square Afghan – Free Pattern!

This wonderful afghan is made with beautiful, classic granny squares! The granny square is iconic and it’s been a favorite for many decades. Perhaps you have a a granny square afghan that’s a treasured family heirloom. If you’ve been wanting to
Crochet Chevron Afghan Square

Gorgeous Chevron Afghan Square – Free Crochet Pattern!

A beautiful afghan square for many exciting projects! Yes, this is a winner! You’ll find this to be a springboard for so many projects from blankets and afghans to ponchos, capes and shawls. The chevron pattern is a classic, and just
Crochet 12-Inch Afghan Square Tutorial

Gorgeous 12-Inch Crochet Afghan Square – Free Pattern + Video and Photo Tutorial!

This is a fabulous afghan square that you can learn to make today! Yes, this one definitely has the “wow factor!” You’ll want to make plenty of these and turn them into an afghan, a blanket, a shawl, a poncho, and
Crochet Dahlia Afghan Square

Fabulous Crochet Dahlia Afghan Square – Free Pattern!

This beautiful 12-inch afghan square is perfect for so many projects! If you’ve been looking for a gorgeous, multi-texture and multi-color afghan square that works up quickly, be sure to check this one out. It just might fit the bill. When
Solid Granny Square

Beautiful Solid Color Granny Square – Free Crochet Pattern!

This wonderful granny square pattern just might become your favorite! Yes, this is a beautiful design that highlights the yarn, the texture and the stitches. And so versatile! You could create checkerboards, patchwork, or pick a monochromatic or a single color
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