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crochet pumpkin succulent

Creative DIY Crochet Pumpkin Planter for Succulents – Free Pattern + Photo Tutorial!

A lovely pumpkin and a fun crochet project! When autumn rolls around and the leaves begin to turn color and we look forward to all the holidays from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas, there’s one sure bet, it’s also pumpkin season!
Crochet Baby Monster

Adorable Crochet Baby Monster Hat for Halloween – Free Pattern!

The cutest little monster hat imaginable! It’s perfect for Halloween festivities and you’ll have a blast crocheting it and taking pictures of your young one. It would make a fabulous gift, too! These little hats are always so captivating and this
crochet amigurumi witch

Adorable Crochet Amigurumi Witch for Halloween – Free Pattern!

This little crochet amigurumi witch doll is cuter than cute! Who says that a witch has to be scary; this one is absolutely adorable. She’s perfect for your Halloween decorating! And if you like to sell your crafts for profit, this
crochet amigurumi ghosts

Super Cute Amigurumi Ghost Family – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little crochet amigurumi ghosts are beyond adorable! If you’re a fan of irresistibly cute amigurumi creatures, this pattern is for you! It’s perfect for your Halloween decorating. You can crochet an entire family of ghosts — mama and papa and
Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath

Adorable DIY Crochet Black Cat Halloween Wreath – Free Pattern!

This wonderful Halloween decoration is cuter than cute! When it comes to getting your household ready for this fun holiday it’s always exciting to find new DIY projects that will enable you to express your creativity. If you’re on the lookout
Crochet Cats

Super Cute and Easy Crochet Cats – Free Pattern!

These little kitty cats are irresistibly cute! While they’re perfect all year round, you can crochet them in Halloween-themed colors to brighten up your home and get you ready for that popular holiday. Have you noticed how every year Halloween decorating
Crochet Pumpkin Pouch

Super Cute Crochet Pumpkin Pouch Bag for Halloween – Free Pattern!

As cute as cute can be! Get a jump start on your Halloween crocheting projects with this adorable little crochet pumpkin pouch bag with a Jack-O-Lantern face. This little bag is perfect for the traditional trick or treating and it’s a
Crochet Witch Doll

Adorable Friendly Witch Doll – Free Crochet Pattern!

This is an adorable little doll all ready for the fall and Halloween! But truthfully, she’s so cute you’ll want her to hang around all year round! This wonderful and free pattern is Clementine the Friendly Witch Doll and it was
Crochet Halloween Bag

Crochet Halloween Trick or Treat Bag – Free Pattern!

Such a cute bag even before filled with Halloween treats! Yes, this bag will enable the young ones to go out trick-or-treating in style! It’s practical, environmentally friendly and, of course, a fun project! This fabulous free pattern is by designer
Crochet Pumpkin

Crochet Adorable Little Pumpkins – Free Pattern!

Your Halloween decorating is not complete with these cute little pumpkins! Yes, it’s that time of year when everything goes orange and festive for Halloween and for the fall season. And there’s no better time to get a jump-start on the
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