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Crochet Coasters

Turn Fabric Scraps into DIY Crochet Coasters! – Free Pattern and Tutorial!

Wait, don’t toss out those old sheets and other scraps of fabric! Yes, this is a fantastic upcycling project. Not only will you save money by making your own yarn out of fabric that otherwise might wind up in the landfill,
Crochet Apache Tears Washcloth

Beautiful Crochet Apache Tears Washcloth – Free Pattern!

The stunning texture of the Apache Tears stitch makes this a winner! If you’re a fan of crochet projects this use this beautiful stitch, you’ll want to give this one a whirl. A handmade gift or an accessory for your own
Crochet Doily

Beautiful Crochet Doily – Free Crochet Pattern!

Such a fabulous crochet doily! The iconic crochet doily is a perennial favorite. Generation after generation, it has endured. Perhaps you yourself or a family member owns a doily that was passed down from ancestors. If you’ve ever wanted to crochet
Crochet chair cushions

Fabulous DIY Crochet Chair Cushion Made with Clarn (Cloth Yarn) – Free Pattern and Tutorial!

Express your creativity and save money with this fantastic DIY project! Yes it’s a winner in all ways. It’s a great way to upcycle old scraps of cloth — sheets, pillowcases, old curtains and drapes, etc., etc. — and turn them
Crochet Doily

Beautiful Vintage-Style Crochet Doily – Free Pattern!

This is a stunning crochet doily and perhaps a future heirloom! The crochet doily is a classic and has been for many generations. Perhaps you own a treasured doily crocheted long ago by a relative or ancestor. If you’ve ever wanted
Crochet Jute placemats

Awesome DIY Crochet Jute Placemats – Free Pattern!

So fabulous! Perfect for the summer season or any time year round that you want to add that handmade touch to your table! These wonderful crochet placemats are made with jute, and they’re a fun and easy project. This outstanding free
Crochet Cactus Plants

Fabulous DIY Crochet Cactus Plants – Free Pattern

Yes, truly, truly fabulous! What is it about crocheting and cactus plants that makes the perfect mashup?! We just know these little crochet succulent plants are fantastic! Perfect as a decorator accent in your home and a wonderful gift, too! It’s
Crochet Cactus

Crochet Your Own Cactus Plant – Free Pattern!

A very crafty alternative to houseplants! Yes, even a cactus plant requires some care…strong light and such. But this cactus will thrive anywhere in your home, and add style and flair! And so imaginative! But why stop at just one plant…what
Crochet Lampshade

Awesome DIY Crochet Lampshade – Free Pattern!

A beautiful lampshade you can crochet today! Yes, it’s a winner. So colorful and festive! If you are a fan of handmade home furnishings, this pattern is for you. Not only is this a fabulous lampshade, but just think of all
CrochetTunisian coasters

Beautiful Tunisian Crochet Coaster Set – Free Pattern!

These stunning coasters will brighten your surroundings! And yes, made with the ever popular Tunisian crochet stitch. They would make wonderful gifts, too! Especially perfect for a housewarming! Yes, this is one of those fabulous and quick projects that yield such
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