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DIY Crochet bath mitts

Fabulous DIY Crochet Bath Mitts with Loops – Free Pattern and Photo Tutorial!

You’ll love the texture of these beautiful crochet bath mitts! Yes, they are just amazing! They’re creative, they’re fun, they’re useful and they’re very pretty too! They would make great gifts! And if you sell your crafts this could be your
Crochet Baskets

Turn Old Sheets into Beautiful Crochet Baskets! – Free Pattern and Tutorial

This is a fantastic upcycling project! Those old sheets that are just taking up space in the closet can instead beautify your home! Who would ever know these beautiful baskets were once old sheets! Sure there are many things we can
Crochet Pot Scrubbers

Fabulous DIY Crochet Pot Scrubbers – Free Pattern and Photo Tutorial!

They’re beautiful and useful and they’ll brighten your kitchen! The secret of these pot scrubbers is that they’re made with tulle! That gives you the extra scrubbing power you need for pots and pans! This very creative and wonderful pattern is
Crochet Chair Cover

Colorful DIY Crochet Chair Cover – Free Pattern!

If you’ve wanted to crochet a chair cover, this pattern is for you! This wonderful handmade DIY chair cover will brighten up any room! You may have seen these covers here and there on Pinterest and Instagram and wondered if there
Crochet Snowflake Table Runner

Christmas in July! – Beautiful DIY Crochet Snowflake Table Runner – Free Pattern!

Make any table festive for the holidays with this snowflake table runner! It’s a fabulous addition to your Yuletide decorating! This wonderful table runner is constructed of crochet snowflakes. If you’re a fan of crocheted snowflakes you’ll especially enjoy putting this
Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas in July! – Festive DIY Crochet Hexagon Christmas Tree Skirt – Free Pattern!

This is a fabulous Christmas tree skirt you can crochet today! Yes, get a jump start on the holiday season decorating with this wonderful crochet Christmas tree skirt. It’s made with hexagons and it’s a winner! It would also make a
Crochet Christmas Garland

Christmas in July! – Beautiful Crochet Christmas Holiday Garland – Free Pattern!

Absolutely stunning and creative! Yes, this garland is a wonderful addition to your Christmas holiday decorating! Do add this one to your Yuletide project list. It will look great on the Christmas tree or to add that festive touch throughout your
crochet snowflake

Christmas in July! – Beautiful Crochet Snowflake – Free Pattern!

This festive crochet snowflake is perfect for holiday decorating! As they say, no two snowflakes are alike and so it is when it comes to crocheting these beautiful elements of nature. If you’re a fan of crochet snowflakes you’ll want to
Crochet Christms Stockings

Christmas in July! – Festive Crochet Christmas Stockings – Free Pattern!

Perfect for your Yuletide decorating! This is a wonderful project for Christmas. These traditional symbols of the season are often a knitting project but here you can get that same wonderful, handmade effect with crochet! Whether your planning ahead for the
Crochet Christmas Tree Garland

Christmas in July! – Beautiful Vintage-Style Christmas Tree Garland – Free Pattern!

So festive! This is a fabulous garland to decorate your Christmas tree! The colors are lovely and the style evokes days gone by. It’s a wonderful holiday season project. Perfect for planning ahead and adding to your Christmas in July projects,
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