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Crochet Teething Lovely

Super Sweet Crochet Teething Lovey Blanket for Babies – Free Pattern!

So soothing and so comforting! This teething lovey blanket has a wonderful texture thanks to the popcorn stitch that’s interspersed throughout and is the basis of the beautiful border. No doubt it will be a comfort for a newborn baby and
crochet octopus lovey blanket

Cuddly and Cute Octopus Lovey Blanket for Babies – Free Crochet Pattern!

This little octopus is unbelievably adorable! If you’re on the lookout for a new and unusual crochet pattern for a lovey blanket for a young one, this just might fit the bill. The tiny octopus is cuddly and sweet and will
Giraffe lovey blanket

Adorable Giraffe Lovey Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern!

This little giraffe is the sweetest little lovey imaginable! Who knew a giraffe could be so cuddly cute as a lovey blanket! Such a wonderful and comforting little companion for a youngster. This is a free amigurumi crochet pattern by designer
Crochet koala lovey

Adorable Crochet Koala Lovey – Free Pattern!

This little koala lovey blanket is beyond adorable! If you’re looking around for the perfect pattern to create an irresistibly cute little lovey blanket — perhaps for your own young one, or to give away as a baby shower gift —
Crochet Lovey Blanket

Crochet Lovey Blankets: Owl, Kitten, Bunny, Teddy Bear and More – Free Pattern!

Such cute lovey blankets! Yes, loveys are a favorite project; great for gifts and for expressing creativity. It’s always exciting to see the many variations, and the many adorable cute animals that become the centerpiece for a comforting blanket for a
Crochet Owl Lovey Blanket

Super Cute Owl Lovey Blanket for Babies – Free Crochet Pattern!

Without question, this is one cute little owl lovey blanket! It’s a blending of both worlds, a granny square blanket, and a tiny and adorable owl by designer LolaIsHooked. It makes for a comforting and beautiful blanket. Think of what a
Crochet Sunshine Lovey Blanket

Super Sweet Sunshine Lovey Blanket – Free Crochet Pattern!

Yes, a very cute sunshine lovey! If you’re looking for an adorable lovey blanket to crochet, you’ve just found a winner! A wonderful gift to give, and just think of the satisfaction of crocheting a lovey blanket that a baby or
crochet lovey patterns

30 Fantastic FREE Crochet Lovey Patterns and a Video Tutorial!

Without question, this is a wonderful roundup of lovey patterns! They are so adorable and so popular and so much fun to make. The lovey blanket can be a great comfort to a youngster and it’s a perfect handmade gift for
Bear and Cat Lovey Crochet

Super Adorable Crochet Bear and Cat Loveys – Free Pattern!

So cute, so comforting for a baby! Yes, these mini-loveys would be a wonderful handmade gifts, and quite possibly future heirlooms. The rainbow colors are beautiful and the tiny bear and cat in the midst of a soft and cozy granny
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