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crochet mandala free pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Gorgeous Crochet Mandala Is Perfect for So Many Projects!

Here’s a beautiful crochet mandala that’s a burst of colors! If you’re on the lookout for a great pattern for a crochet mandala, this one just might be for you! It has a rich and inviting texture and a very pleasing
Crochet Mandala Throw

This Fabulous Crochet Mandala Throw Is the Perfect Stash Buster! [FREE Pattern]

Turn your leftover yarn into a beautiful mandala blanket! This is a gorgeous design and it’s versatile; the color scheme is up to you! Where once you had odds and ends and skeins of yarn here and there you can now
Crochet Mandala Pot Holder

Gorgeous Crochet Mandala Potholder – Free Pattern!

If you can’t get enough of crochet mandalas you’ll love this pattern! It’s quite beautiful indeed. There’s something so captivating about mandalas and the many projects you can make with them. If you’re a collector and a fan, you now have
Crochet Mandala

Beautiful, Colorful Mandala – Free Crochet Pattern!

This mandala is a stunning rainbow of colors! It’s a fantastic crochet project you’ll treasure. Perfect for gift giving, too! This wonderful free pattern, the “Wheel to Love” mandala, is by designer Maz Kwok and it pays homage to the iconic
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