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Crochet Minion Phone Case

DIY Crochet Minion Phone Case – Free Pattern!

This is a fun, fast and easy crochet project you can complete today! Yes, the Minions are everywhere! Now that they’re back in the movie theaters with ‘Despicable Me 3,’ they’re taking over our world once again! For years now, Minions-inspired
Crochet Minion baby cocoon

Amazingly Cute Crochet Minion Baby Cocoon – Free Pattern!

Your collection of Minions-themed patterns is not complete without this adorable baby cocoon! Minions are in season…yes, all the time these days. And pattern designers are bringing us one winner after another. Here’s one to add to the list. It would
Crochet Minion lovey

Crochet a Sweet, Cuddly Minon Lovey…Free Pattern!

Yes, this Minion can be a great comfort to a young one! This wonderful lovey is ideal; so cute and so cuddly. With the popularity of the Minions knowing no end — and thank goodness for that — it’s great to
Tiny Crochet Minion Tutorial

Crochet a Tiny Minion…It’s an Easy Project! [Video Tutorial]

Yes, this is a very small Minion! So small, in fact, that you can easily crochet it with scrap yarn. Measured, this amigurumi Minion is a mere 4-1/2 inches (9cm). This leaves many possibilities…from baby toys to pet toys to decorator
Crochet Minions Fingerless Gloves

Minions Fingerless Gloves: Tutorial Video

Minions at your fingertips, literally! Some call them wristers others call them fingerless gloves. But either way, they’ve got Minions! Now that the movie is out, the little creatures are more popular than ever. What a way to make a fashion
Crochet Minnion Pencil Case

Crochet a Minion Pencil Case and Go Back to School in Style! (Free Pattern)

Yes, you can take a Minion with you when you go back to school! Perhaps the companionship of a Minion will ease the transition from the fun and excitement of summer to the rigors of the classroom. And, even for those
Crochet Minion Afghan Square

Minion Afghan Square – Free Crochet Pattern!

A Minion and an afghan square = the perfect match! There are many Minion-inspired crochet projects and perhaps you’ve completed a few. But your collection is not complete without the “Kevin” Minion granny square! So adorable! Would make a fabulous afghan,
Minion Baby Booties

Adorable Minion Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little Minion Booties Are simply adorable! Minions have invaded our world, let’s fact it! And we couldn’t be happier. If you’re on the lookout for a fantastic Minions pattern, you’ve found it! These amazing little Minion-inspired booties are by designer
Crochet Minion

Crochet Minions Roundup! 9+ FREE Patterns Because You Can’t Have too Many!

If you’ve got a passion for Minions you’re not alone! Minions are always in style, and wonderful gifts, too! It’s just not possible to have too many! So how about a roundup! Yes, everything from Minion slippers to hats to granny
Crochet Minions Beanie

Crochet a ‘Minions’ Beanie! – Tutorial Video

Yes, Crochet Your Own Minion Beanie It’s the most popular crochet Minion tutorial on YouTube with over a million views! It just goes to show that even before they got their own movie, the Minions captured our hearts thanks to ‘Despicable
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