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crochet pretzel pillow

Fantastic and Easy DIY Crochet Pretzel Pillow – Free Pattern!

It might look challenging, but this pillow is easy to crochet! Wow, what a fantastic gift this would make! It’s absolutely beautiful. Or crochet one for you home; it will be a much-welcomed homemade, hand-crafted decorator accent. And it’s quite practical,
Crochet pillow

Fabulous Crochet Pillow – Free Pattern!

A beautiful pillow to brighten your surroundings! It’s fast and it’s simple! And yet, the end result is so fantastic! This wonderful free pattern is by designer Bethany of Whistle & Ivy. You’ll find the written pattern and instructions that will
Crochet pillow with _heart

Beautiful Crochet Pillow with a Heart! — Free Pattern

This is a stunning pillow to brighten your decor! Not only does this crochet pillow literally have a heart, but the beautiful ombre color scene is stunning. This is quite a showpiece. It would make a wonderful gift, too! If you
Crochet Pillows roundup

DIY Crochet Pillows – A Roundup of Free Patterns!

A wonderful assortment of pillows! Pillows can make for fun and exciting projects; they add a burst of color and individuality to a room! They also make fantastic gifts! We can thank Jessie Rayot of Jessie At Home for this awesome
Crochet Candy Cushion

Beautiful, Creative Candy Cushion – Free Crochet Pattern!

A stunning and imaginative cushion! You may recognize the shape, the colors and the motif, but did you ever think it would be a cushion?! Yes, so creative! Just think of how attractive this will be in your home, perhaps alongside
Crochet Cushion

Colorful Patchwork-Style Crochet Cushion – Free Pattern!

So pretty you’ll want to make several! It’s a gorgeous pillow and it’s also meant as a stash buster. Yes, this is a creative and fun way to use up that leftover yarn. This wonderful free pattern is from the folks
Crochet pillow

Fabulous DIY Patriotic Pillow – Free Crochet Pattern!

Put your patriotism on display with this fantastic crochet pillow! It’s the red, white and blue and it’s a beauty. Perfect for any time of the year, not just the 4th of July! This wonderful pillow will brighten up any room!
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