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Crochet pouch

Fabulous Crochet Pouch – Free Pattern!

This is a wonderful little bag that’s easy to crochet! If you’re a fan of crochet bags, satchels, pouches and purses, this one just might be one to add to your favorites! This little bag, with a drawstring closing and a
Crochet boho bag free pattern

Awesome DIY Crochet Boho Bag – Free Pattern!

A fabulous bag you can make today! If you like the 1970s boho style, you’ll love this bag! Seriously, it’s a winner. It’s beautifully constructed with granny squares and decorated with long fringe. There are two options for handles; leather (or
crochet bag

Cute DIY Crochet Bag with Button – Free Pattern!

This is a stylish little crochet bag! It’s fun to crochet little bags and purses. They’re wonderful additions to your wardrobe and they’re something you can whip up quickly. Suddenly got a new outfit and nothing to match it? Here’s one
crochet coin purse

Stylish Crochet Coin Purse – Free Pattern!

This is a gorgeous little purse! You’ll have a blast making this one for yourself, or to give as a gift. It’s a fun project for the weekend or a single evening. If you sell your crafts, this is a perfect
Crochet Boho Tassel Bag

Fabulous DIY Boho Crochet Tassel Bag – Free Pattern!

This is an absolutely stunning crochet bag! If you are a fan of the boho style, this is a must-crochet! What a gorgeous bag to add to your collection. It would also make a thoughtful gift for someone. And if you
Crochet Prada Style Bag

Amazing DIY Crochet Prada Style Bag — FREE Video Tutorial!

Create a beautiful iconic designer-style handbag! Yes, no doubt a Prada bag is on the wish list of many. And in such cases, the thrill of a DIY project is not only the money you save, but the opportunity to express
crochet watermelon coin purse

Fabulous DIY Crochet Watermelon Coin Purse – Free Pattern and Video Tutorial!

This is a beautiful and creative little crochet coin purse! Yes, it’s a winner! The bright and bold colors of watermelon, red and green, plus pony beads which fill in as the seeds of this faux watermelon. If you’ve ever wanted
Crochet Doll Cradle Purse

Vintage Style Crochet Cradle Doll Purse: Video Tutorial + Free Pattern!

A timeless classic, and just as popular today as ever! It’s an ingenious design, and yet as a crochet project it’s easily achievable even by the beginner. With this excellent video tutorial and the free pattern, you’ll soon have your project
Crochet purse

Super Cute Little Crochet Purse – Free Pattern!

This fabulous crochet purse is a quick and easy project! It’s perfect year round, and it’s especially handy for those times when you don’t want to walk around with a backpack or a tote, but yet, you don’t want to overtax
crochet coin purse

Gorgeous DIY Striped Crochet Coin Purse – Free Pattern!

A fabulous little crochet coin purse you can crochet today! If you’re a fan of these handy little purses and pouches, you’ve just found a winner. It’s great for carrying cash and coins and even a few credit cards and other
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