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crochet purse

Beautiful DIY Crochet Purse – Free Pattern!

A beautiful and creative crochet purse you can make today! Fabulous for summertime and spring! It’s also a fun project for those warmer months when the thought of crocheting an afghan or a blanket might seem a bit less enticing. Here’s
Crochet Chevron Pouch

Fabulous DIY Chevron Pouch – Free Crochet Pattern!

A fantastic crochet pouch! Yes, these days it’ s easy to get a zippered pouch in stores or online. You might already have a few, but no doubt there’s nothing like the handmade touch! This fabulous zippered chevron pouch would also
Crochet pouch

DIY Crochet Pouch with Zipper – Free Pattern!

A fantastic DIY crochet project! Not only will you save money, but you’ll have a chance to express creativity. A great gift, too! Not to mention excellent as a stash buster. It’s a handy size; when completed it will measure approximately
crochet purse with flowrer

Gorgeous Crochet Purse with a Flower – FREE Pattern!

A fabulous crochet purse decorated with a flower! It’s perfect for spring and summer — and, for that matter, why not bring some of the imagined warmth to wintertime! It’s a fun and easy project, and the results are just splendid!
Crochet Purse

Beautiful Crochet Purse for a Little Girl – Free Pattern!

A beautiful purse for a little girl! Flowers and crocheting go hand in and, and this purse is clearly an example of the perfect blending of a floral motif and it’s perfect for your child or as a gift. Or for
Crochet Rose purse

Beautiful Crochet Purse with Roses – Free Pattern!

An absolutely gorgeous purse! Whether springtime or summertime, this is a bag you’ll enjoy carrying or giving away as a gift! It’s a fun and easy project using bulky yarn and a size H crochet hook. Pick your colors or use
DIY Crochet Purse

DIY Crochet Purse with a Flower – Free Pattern!

Such a gorgeous purse…with a flower! This is a very stylish design and it uses the felting technique to give it that distinctive, almost woven-like texture. It’s amazing what hot water and soap can do! Yes, it’s just that simple. You’ll
African Flower Crochet Purse

African Flower Crochet Purse – Free Pattern + Tutorial!

This is an absolutely gorgeous handbag! If you’re a fan of the African flower motif pattern, here’s an exciting new project! You may have made shawls and afghans and blankets, and now you can add a purse to your collection…or give
Granny Square Purse

Beautiful Granny Square Purse – Free Crochet Pattern!

A very stylish bag made with granny squares! Yes, this is clearly a winner! There are so many ways to use granny squares besides the traditional afghans and blankets and throws, and this is one of them! This fantastic and free
Granny Square Bag

Granny Square Bags: Huge Roundup of 15+ Free Patterns and a Video Tutorial!

Granny squares are a classic and perfect for purses and bags! Yes, the design lends itself perfectly to clutches, totes, and the like. It’s a great way to express your creativity or perhaps to make some inroads into your yarn stash.
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