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Crochet Peppermint Houndstooth Scarf Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Fabulous Crochet Peppermint Houndstooth Scarf Is an Easy Project!

The iconic red and white peppermint candy colors make for a gorgeous scarf! It’s got pom poms, too! And you won’t believe how easy this scarf is to crochet! Combining the traditional houndstooth motif with the vivid and familiar candy colors,
Crochet Super Scarf Free Pattern

[FREE Pattern] This Crochet Super Scarf Is as Easy as It Is Elegant!

This is a gorgeous scarf rich with texture! It may be intricate in design, but it’s still an easy crochet project and that’s the beauty of it! You may have seen patterns before that were complicated and lengthy, and frankly even
crochet hat pattern

[FREE Patterns] Stylish Chunky Yarn Crochet Hat and Matching Super Scarf!

This set is full of gorgeous texture! If you’re looking for a crochet super scarf with a hat to match you’ve just found a great pair of patterns right here! This luxurious combo looks straight from the runway (the hat is
crochet chunky infinity scarf pattern

[Free Pattern] This Single-Crochet-Only Chunky Infinity Scarf Is Super Easy and Gorgeous!

A fabulous crochet scarf that’s beginner friendly! When it comes to easy-to-crochet infinity scarf patterns you just can’t get any easier than a one-stitch pattern! And there’s no more basic stitch than single crochet (SC)! That’s it! If you can single
Crochet Chevron Scarf Pom Poms

Gorgeous Crochet Chevron Scarf with Pom Poms – Free Pattern!

This is a luxurious scarf that’s a great addition to your wardrobe! If you’re a fan of crochet chevron scarves and pom poms, this is the perfect scarf for you! It’s ultra chic and looks straight from the runway. It’s also
Crochet Scarf Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

[FREE Patterns] Stylish Crochet Multicolor Scarf + Matching Hat Made with Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn!

A fabulous addition to your wardrobe! This fashionable crochet scarf and hat combo fully utilizes the beautiful colors of Using Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn! It’s amazing how such variegated yarns make an already fashionable accessories truly showpieces. Yes, if you want
Crochet Colorblock Scarf Bulky

[Free Crochet Pattern] This Gorgeous Colorblock Scarf Is Amazingly Fast & Easy to Crochet!

An elegant and quick scarf made with bulky yarn! If you’re in a race against time to crochet a scarf for gift giving or you want something super fast for your wardrobe tonight you this need not be an idle wish!
Crochet Christmas Scarf

Super Easy and Fun Crochet Christmas Scarf – Free Pattern!

Here’s a fabulous and festive scarf to get you into the Christmas holiday spirit! With the iconic Yuletide colors of red, white and green, and festooned with ornaments, this is a fun scarf to wear on those special holiday occasions. Just
Easy Crochet Scarf

Fabulous and Easy One-Skein Bulky Crochet Scarf – Free Pattern!

Yes, you can make this elegant scarf quickly! Sometimes time is of the essence when it comes to crocheting. If you’re on the lookout for another go-to pattern to make a beautiful scarf for yourself, perhaps, or for gift giving, you
Crochet Scarf Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn

Gorgeous Multi-Color Scarf Made with Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn – Free Pattern

This fabulous colorful scarf is a wonderful addition to your wardrobe! It’s great as a gift, too! Using Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn makes it a breeze, as you’ll have no color changes to make, no weaving in ends and concealing them,
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