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Crochet Moccasins

Beautiful Crochet Moccasins – Free Pattern and Photo Tutorial!

This is one gorgeous pair of moccasins! Yes, they are just fabulous. If you are a fan of crochet footwear you’ll definitely want to make this pair! They would also make a wonderful handmade gift for someone, too! And if you
crochet sandals

Turn Flip Flops into Beautiful DIY Crochet Sandals – Free Pattern + Tutorial!

Flip flop become a stylish pair of sandals! Yes indeed, this is upscaling at its finest. You’ll not only have a chance to express your creativity but you’ll save plenty of money. Sandals can be pricey, after all. This is a
Crochet loafers for babies

Super Cute Crochet Loafers for Babies – Free Pattern!

Tiny loafers for babies are cuter than cute! If you’ve a fan of crochet projects for babies and find booties and other shoes irresistible, you’ll love this pattern! These little loafers are a fast and easy project and the results are
crochet frog baby booties

Adorable Crochet Frog Baby Booties – Free Pattern!

These little crochet frog baby booties are cuter than cute! You can’t go wrong with a winner like this! The pictures will be unbelievably adorable. Plus these little baby booties would make a wonderful gift. And if you like to sell
Crochet baby booties

Adorable Mary Jane Style Baby Booties – Free Crochet Pattern!

These little crochet baby booties cute beyond words! If you’re on the lookout for a super cute pattern for baby booties, you’ve just found one! The Mary Jane shoe style on tiny feet will be simply irresistible! They would make a
crochet booties

Irresistibly Cute Crochet Baby Booties – Free Pattern!

These little crochet booties are beyond adorable! Picture perfect! This is a fabulous crochet project. It’s quick and easy and would make such a thoughtful gift. And if you like to sell your crafts this just might be your next bestseller!
Crochet Slippers

Fantastic DIY Crochet Slippers with Pom Poms – Free Pattern!

You can crochet these fabulous and easy slippers today! Crochet slippers continue to be a popular project. They make great gifts, too! They’re a fast and fun project for the weekend or anytime you have some spare time and want to
Crochet Moccasins

Turn Flip Flops into Crochet Moccasins! – FREE DIY Pattern + Video Tutorial Will Show You How!

Who knew flip flops could have such a stylish second life! If you’re a fan of upscaling crafting projects, you’ll adore this one. These crochet moccasins are super fashionable, boho style! Making these wonderful shoes gives you a chance to express
Crochet Baby Sandals

Super Cute Crochet Butterfly Sandals for Babies – Free Pattern!

Beyond adorable! These itty bitty little sandals take their inspiration from the butterfly and they are as cute as can be! They’re a fast and easy and very satisfying crochet project. Perfect as a stash buster, fabulous as a gift, and,
Crochet Slip on Shoes

Turn Flip Flops into Fabulous Crochet Shoes – Free Pattern!

From flip flops to fashionable slip-on crochet shoes! Yes, that run-of-the-mill pair of flip flops will find a new life thanks to this awesome DIY tutorial! Just think of how much you might pay for a comparable pair of these shoes
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